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Two years into working minimum wage jobs, I constantly found my mind wandering while stocking shelves. Time moved in slow motion as I couldn’t shake the feeling of profound boredom. That, coupled with a manager who would frequently reprimanded me for moving “too slow” filled me with anger.

I was pissed off. I was sick of busting my ass for close to nothing.

I wanted something more fulfilling

I craved a challenge. The type of work where I could use my brain rather than my body. The type of work people respected, and the type of work that paid well so I would never have to worry about when my next paycheck would hit my bank account.

In the back of my head, I knew tech was a way to achieve this. Even though I wasn’t sure what sector of tech, I just knew it was something in tech. So even though I had nothing planned, I quit my job stocking shelves.

Enter Software Development

I experimented with a few realms of the tech industry: helpdesk admin, hardware technician, and network security before finally landing on coding

I found that unlike the other areas I had experimented with, coding put me in a flow state. Time wasn’t even a consideration. This is how I knew coding was the golden ticket to the problems I was trying to solve.

Through dedicated time learning how to code, and effective networking strategies, I was able to land a part-time coding job only 4 months after quitting my job stocking shelves.

Within a matter of 4 years I went from working a job I hated, for $8 an hour, to doing work I felt proud of, making six-figures a year without a college degree.

Starting YouTube

After a few years of working in the industry as a Software Developer, I wanted to expand my reach.

I wanted to share my story to inspire others, demonstrating that it is possible to pursue an unconventional path toward becoming a software developer.

So with my yearly bonus check, I bought my first camera.

100k subscribers in 33 videos

My first few YouTube videos sucked. Admittingly, I can’t watch them as they make me cringe inside.

After a handful of flopped videos, I decided to take a step back and develop a content strategy.

With 100’s of hours of research done, I put a plan into action and skyrocketed my growth from around 1,000 subscribers to 100k by my 33rd posted video.


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